On August 7th I called to see if ASP (which had done work for me in the past) could do a sink repair in the bathroom of a house I own. I was told somebody could be there the next day and do the job. I was not told that there would be a “dispatch fee” for doing this. The repairman came and went into the house without a tool of any kind and looked at the faucet and without even taking the faucet handle off to see if it had a cartridge or could be rebuilt said he couldn’t get parts for it and within 5-10 minutes left the house. He then told be that I owed him $99. for coming out. If any attempt at all had been made to do a repair I would have had no problem with this. I later checked on the internet and found the exact faucet so it is hard for me to believe that everything needed for the repair was not available.