AC Installation / Replacement

Are you dreading another long humid summer without air conditioning? Or have an existing A/C system that is no longer keeping your home cool? ASP has a solution for just about every home design situation and experienced, trained comfort advisors and installers to ensure a professional installation.

There are many reasons to consider ASP Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for your A/C install or replacement.

  • Prompt, professional, clean installations.
  • Professional follow-up and warranty administration.
  • Daikin is a world leader in A/C technology and units sold.
  • Excellent warranties
  • Excellent financing options
  • In-house annual tune-ups and inspections
  • Emergency service
  • Excellent customer service

Standard split A/C systems vs Mini-Split systems

There are many different types of home designs and layouts that can be challenging to install a A/C system. If you have a home with a basement and an existing forced air furnace, the standard A/C split system, which incorporates an evaporator coil that is installed in the ductwork above the furnace and has copper lines that are installed in basement joist space and terminated out through rim joist to an outdoor condenser that is located outside, is the most common system to cool your home.

If you have a slab on grade type or a basement that is already finished, the Duct less Mini-split type of A/C system may be an option to provide cooling and dehumidification to your home. The Duct Less system uses wall mounted cassette type of air handlers that are installed in main living area and bedrooms. The Duct Less Type A/C systems have very low operation costs, allow dedicated cooling to certain zones, have excellent dehumidification and also will provide heating during the shoulder seasons.

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There is no need to dread the hot summer heat and oppressive humidity! With our local presence for the past 20 years, Prompt Service and Prompt Solutions and customer testimonials you can depend on us for all your Air conditioning needs. If you are thinking of replacing your existing A/C system or looking to purchase a new system please contact us today for more information or to schedule an estimate.