AC Maintenance

Purchasing an A/C system is a major investment and even though your system was properly installed, it will need on-going maintenance checks to catch minor component and outside environmental issues before it leads to breakdowns of major components. We have experienced tune-up technicians that will thoroughly check your system and ensure it is ready for another hot summer.

Some of the issues we see with A/C systems.

  • Dirty inside A/C coils (will restrict cooling output and lead to higher electric bills)
  • Dirty exterior condenser coils (can also restrict cooling output and lead to higher electric bills)
  • Plugged condensate or drain pan (can cause water damage to furnace and electrical coils)
  • Weak compressor contactors or coils (may lead to premature compressor failure)
  • Low or no refrigerant (may lead to higher electric bill and cause damage to compressor)
  • Mice or rodent nests inside outdoor condenser (may lead to chewed wires or electrical ground outs)

Most of the above issues can be caught on the tune-up inspection and alleviated before they cause premature failure to major operation components. We offer full service tune-up and inspections to ensure you’re A/C equipment is operating at its peak performance.

Preferred Customer Plan

For your peace of mind, we are offering a Preferred Customer Plan that:

  • Includes a annual tune up and inspection of your primary heater or cooling equipment
  • Up to 15% savings with heating, cooling or plumbing repairs.
  • Reduced dispatch fee for service calls during regular business hours M-F for locations within 30 miles of the shop.
  • Priority service for emergency calls.

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