Air Conditioning

Summers in the Northland can be very warm and humid and even if the temperatures are not extreme; the humidly can be unbearable at times. Keeping your home comfortable cool and dry allows you to maintain a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle. We here at ASP, offer a wide range of air conditioning products and services to keep you cool and healthy. In most cases, there are multiple options available to provide cooling to your home or business and Summit specializes in working with customer to find the best option based on each situation.


The most common type of cooling system is the standard split system which has a A/C condenser located outside coupled together with a A-coil in the furnace ductwork.


The Ductless Mini-split A/C option is an excellent choice for homes that do not have existing duct work or structural design that allows for duct work.

Ductless Mini-splits also have a condenser on the exterior of home and a small cassette type air handler wall mounted in rooms cooling is desired. Ductless Mini-split units are very energy efficient, work very well at helping control high humidity and in most cases be used for very efficient heat source during the shoulder months.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new A/C system or looking at replacing or upgrading an existing system. We can help find the right system that will work for you to ensure you are comfortable when the hot weather arrives. If you have not had your A/C system serviced recently or are looking to ensure you’re A/C is running at its peak performance, call us today to schedule a system tune-up.