Air Conditioning Service in Duluth, Hermantown, Two Harbors, MN and Surrounding Areas

Summit is a local leader when it comes to providing prompt service and prompt solutions when it comes to servicing air conditioners. Air conditioning is one of those luxuries we can take for granted until it breaks down and we are extremely uncomfortable.

Some of the main reasons for A/C break downs are:

  • Plugged condensate drains: Condensation is created on A/C coil when warm humid air comes in contact with the cold coil. It then is collected on drain pan and routed out through piping to a drain line or condensate pump. Algae and debris from A-coil can build up and cause drain to back up creating possible water damage or damage to Air conditioning system.
  • Dirty A-Coil or outdoor condenser coil: Dust, dirt, leaves, foliage, animal hair and other particulates can build up on coils restricting the ability for the A/C unit to cool properly.
  • Low Refrigerant: If your refrigerant is low it will cause your A/C system to over work, use more energy and provide low cooling. Most low refrigerant situations are due to a leak or improper installation.

We recommend annual service tune-up on you’re A/C units to proactively inspect the indoor A/C coil, drain pan, condensate drain, outdoor condenser, electrical components, compressor and other mechanical parts to prevent premature failures that sometimes can be caused by outside factors such as rodents chewing electrical wiring or power surges

Call us today to schedule a tune-up on you’re A/C system!