In our Northern climate it is important to have our residences well insulated and sealed, but in doing so, we lose natural fresh air exchange creating a stale, unhealthy, sometimes humid environment that can create issues not only with our health but on our housing structure and components. A whole house ventilation system “air exchanger” is the most common way to exchange our stale indoor air with fresh outside air through a heat recovery core that recovers a percentage of the heat in the warm stale air mitigated out of the home at humidity points and distributes fresh outside air to distribution ports.

Air exchange systems can be installed in existing or new residences by incorporating it into the existing forced air duct system or by adding new ducting. ASP has been installing Air exchange systems in new and retrofit applications since 2000.


If you have any concerns about your current indoor air environment, would like a quote on a new or replacement air exchanger or would like a tune-up performed on your existing system; please contact us today.