Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pump Service in Duluth, MNAir Source Heat Pump service isĀ an effective way to heat and cool your home or business. They run and produce heat in outside temperatures efficiently down to 25 F which saves energy in the shoulder months of winter (spring and fall). We all know and have experienced how lengthy our heating seasons can be in the Northland. Heating is just one benefit- Air Source Heat Pump Services are very effective for air conditioning during the hot humid summer months as well. Like central air conditioning, an Air Source Heat Pump has a condenser that sits outside of the home, which is largely identical to an airĀ conditioning condenser.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps have improved in energy efficiency significantly in the past 10 years with inverter technology making it possible to achieve up to 23 SEER with a proper installation and matching indoor coil. Call ASP today and ask for your free estimate and how an air source heat pump may be beneficial for your heating and cooling needs.

Standard Split System

Although a standard split system as in the picture requires a forced air ducted air distribution system inside the home, there are options available for those who may have radiant or hot water heat with no ductwork. Heat pumps also are made to work with ductless indoor units which are typically called mini-splits. Call and schedule a free estimate!