An Overview of Common Water Heater Problems

Of all the comforts you can sacrifice during the depths of a Minnesota winter, hot water isn’t one of them. In fact, making sure that you have enough clean, piping hot water to cook and bathe in can mean the difference between life and death (or, at the very least, between comfort and discomfort). But how do you know the difference between typical winter irregularities and a water heater that’s needing repairs in Duluth, MN? Here are some issues to look out for.

Leaking units

Every once in a while, it’s essential that you take a look at your water heater to keep an eye on its overall condition. Whether it’s gas or electric, you should ensure your unit isn’t leaking from either the top or the bottom. Leaks could indicate that your gaskets are past their prime and need to be replaced. They can also be an indicator of excessive water pressure in the tank itself.

No hot water

One of the most surefire signals of a water heater needing repairs in Duluth, MN is a total lack of hot water. After all, the water heater only has one real job to do. If your water heater isn’t producing hot water, first check the power source. Perhaps a circuit breaker tripped, or the pilot light has gone out.

If neither of those issues is the case, then you could have a problem with the part responsible for heating the water inside the tank.

Consistently running out of hot water

When you’re taking a shower, do you find that you’re running out of hot water partway through? Do you have issues taking two showers back to back? Can you bathe and then run the dishwasher without fear your water’s heat will give out? If any of these instances is the case for you, it’s time to call a technician over to your home. They can determine if one of your water heater’s interior components is failing or if you might need to upgrade to a larger appliance.

Low water pressure

Often, older homes can have consistent problems with low water pressure. Not only is low-pressure water no fun to shower in, but it is also less effective at cleaning dishes and clothes. This can be a tricky problem to fix if you try to tackle it on your own. Meanwhile, a talented contractor will have the experience and a diverse array of strategies available to handle increasing your water pressure.

Entrust your water heater to the experts

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