Avoid a furnace repair by following these preventative maintenance tips!

Nobody here in the Northland likes waking up in the middle of the night with frozen ears because their furnace or boiler broke down. Because now you have to call your local heating repair guy and wake him up to have him come do a potentially costly middle-of-the-night furnace repair so your children, pets, and/or water pipes don’t freeze. Here are a few preventative maintenance tips for your furnace that may be the difference between a peaceful night and sweet dreams or cold toes and an all-to0-real nightmare.

  1. Change your furnace filter regularly.
    Remember to replace filter at least once every 1-3 months to allow for adequate air flow.
  2. Keep intake and exhaust vents clear of snow and debris.
    Check on this often to make sure snow doesn’t obstruct the flow of your furnace exhaust and fresh air.
  3. If you use fuel oil or propane, don’t let fuel levels run low.
    Running out of fuel in the middle of the night is a chilling thought…This can also cause part failure issues with your furnace, especially with fuel oil.
  4. Clean inside of furnace cabinet with a vacuum.
    Remember to make sure furnace breaker is turned off before performing this task.
  5. Schedule a tune-up appointment with your local heating contractor to ensure that all your furnace components are performing properly and to check the efficiency of the unit. Make sure that the heat exchanger is sealed and that their isn’t a crack, which could lead to exposure of dangerous gases in your home.

Visit our tune-up page to see more details on what a furnace tune-up entails.