Choose the Right Water Heater

Duluth weather demands superior water heaters. However, sometimes even the best water heater needs to be replaced. This might happen because of a storm, freezing, or any number of reasons.

Whatever the reason, Duluth citizens in need of a water heater replacement must keep three things in mind.

*The Trio of Knowledge*

The top three water heater replacement criteria are:

           **From the Earth to the Bank**

Hot water heaters use a lot of energy. In fact, estimates reveal they use up to twenty percent of the average home’s energy. New hot water heater regulations slash that estimate by a sizeable amount, helping preserve both the earth and bank accounts. To get the most for your money, know what the new regulations consist of and how to take advantage of those earth friendly options. Our Summit HVAC professionals understand how to guide consumers through the process.

            **Size It Up Then Start It Up**

Many people know they need to pay attention to the size of their water heater, but they don’t know how to determine the right size. Many think it depends on the size of the house, but that’s incorrect. Two factors determine water heater size:

 -the number of people living in the house, and

 -the peak time of usage for water.

These two factors help our Summit HVAC team select the best water heater replacement Duluth MN for all our customers.

            **Fuel It Don’t Fool It**

Choosing the right fuel proves essential to the operation of any water heater. Therefore, make sure to know what kind of fuel is required. After that, our Summit HVAC team can discuss tank or tankless options.

*Superior Water Heater Replacement Duluth MN*

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