Summit knows there are a lot of plumbing, heating and cooling companies to choose from, and we will strive to prove you right in your choice to hire our services. We at Summit Mechanical understand how busy life can be, and we truly believe in offering prompt service and prompt solutions to our customers when they call on us. While high quality work is part of providing true value to our customers, there are other things to consider like competitive rates, knowledgeable and friendly technicians, and following up to make sure a customer is completely satisfied once the project is complete. We will continue to offer different promotions to keep adding value to our work and to your home. Take a look and see how you can benefit!



Indoor air quality product – UV light installation special offer to help beat spring allergies!

If you have a forUV_light_MAX36_imageced air heating and cooling system with ductwork in your home, the quality of the air you live in and breathe can be greatly improved with the installation of a UV light in your heating and cooling system. With constant air circulation, the rays from a UV light installed in your system will kill on contact- germs, mold spores, allergenic mites and fungus spores. It will also help eliminate pet odors, cooking smells, chemical odors and many other undesirable things in your indoor air.

Winter/Spring promotional offer: 120v/36 Watt UV light professionally installed for $299.00 (regular price: $360.00 = $61 savings!)


Currently we are also offering our Winter/Spring Heating or Cooling Tune-up Promotion – Includes $20 off and up to 30% discounts off heating, cooling, and plumbing repairs and 1 full year of priority Preferred Customer Status which means priority service when scheduling AND you pay NO overtime fees for after-hours emergency work Monday through Saturday!