DIY Tips to Fix Your Furnace Before Calling for Maintenance

Your heating system is responsible for keeping your entire household warm and comfortable throughout the cold winter months. The idea of maintaining such a complex system can seem intimidating, and when the time comes for repairs, your first instinct might be to call a team of professionals to come in and handle the job. However, that doesn’t have to be your only option. With a little know-how and confidence, you can figure out how to perform some DIY heating fixes in Duluth, MN like the ones below.

Double-check the thermostat

This one seems almost too basic to be mentioned, but you would not believe how many heating issues can be traced back to the thermostat. First, make sure the thermostat is responsive—you can do this by turning it up to a very high temperature and then making sure your system is kicking on. Next, check for warm air coming from your vents, which will ensure the system is still working. If there’s no warm air, the thermostat might be the problem—make sure it’s set to “heat” instead of “cool.” You can also trace all wires from the thermostat to the furnace, checking for their integrity.

Change filters

Your entire HVAC system relies heavily on airflow. A steady supply of fresh circulating air ensures the whole system can keep operating as intended. As a result, clogged air filters are the most common cause of furnace problems. Luckily, changing your filter is one of the simplest DIY heating fixes in Duluth, MN. Your system’s air filters are likely both easy to access and inexpensive to purchase at any home goods or hardware store, so you should be doing this on a regular basis. Filters should be changed every month or so, although a household full of allergy sufferers or pets may require more frequent filter changes.

Check your home’s exterior

Many furnaces these days have external exhaust ports or intakes, and if you’re wondering, “How do I fix my furnace?” it’s worth keeping in mind that these need to be properly maintained as well. Debris like leaves, mulch or sticks can inhibit airflow, so be sure to keep these under control. Trim back any limbs hanging over items like pipes, a heat pump’s compressor unit or your AC condenser to help prevent the accumulation of debris that will hinder the performance of your system. Another easy DIY heating fix in Duluth, MN is to secure wire mesh around any open pipes to help prevent intrusion by rodents and other pests.

When customers ask how they can fix their furnace in Duluth, MN, we usually recommend that they just call us to come out and inspect their system. At ASP, our furnace service is second to none, and we can always help you out. While we encourage customers to be proactive about DIY maintenance, as it can help them save money, time and hassle, some problems may simply seem too complex or challenging, and everyone’s comfort level is different. Contact ASP to schedule an appointment!