Domestic Hygiene and UV Lights

What is UV?
UV or ultraviolet is a light wavelength just outside the range visible to human eyes. It is the UV rays in sunlight that causes the skin to tan, to freckle and to make vitamin D, essential for strong and healthy bones. However, ultraviolet wavelengths range from 450 to 100 nanometers and produce a variety of waves with a number of properties and uses. Because of this, many devices and lamps that emit UV rays are available.

Beautiful and beneficial UV lights
Although we cannot see the actual rays, the ultraviolet emits a visible blue light. Black UV lamps are fitted with a filter that blocks out the potent blue-rays, making them suitable for interior decoration. These lamps are used to create mood in domestic interiors and for dramatic lighting in theaters and places of entertainment. Without this filter, the blue glow has both highlighting and disinfecting properties. These properties are of paramount use in hospital and laboratories, and other environments where the fight against disease is vital. Ultraviolet is even used in the diagnosis of illness. Portable UV lamps allow hygiene personnel to inspect surfaces for contamination that is otherwise invisible. Bursts of UV rays cure meat and other food products of the organisms that cause diseases like salmonella, and also prolong the shelf life of the food. In many restaurants, personnel expose their hands briefly to UV rays to ensure thorough cleanliness following washing.

UV lights and domestic recovery
Personnel from domestic recovery firms use UV equipment to highlight and eradicate contamination in business and domestic interiors that have been flooded or damaged by leaking water. The Summit emergency team has extensive experience of dealing with these situations. The team offers a twenty-four hour service to customers and you can contact Summit Mechanical by calling (218) 464-9965.