Electric Furnace Installation
in Duluth, MN

While many homeowners are familiar with gas furnaces and the efficiency that comes with them, there are also electric furnace options that offer superior performance in the heart of cold Duluth, MN winters. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of an electric furnace or want to schedule an electric furnace installation, choose ASP. We’re the authority on electric furnaces and will help you get one that measures up to your expectations all winter long.

Benefits of Electric Furnaces

There are lots of great reasons to consider an electric furnace installation if the time has come for you to make an upgrade. Aside from their high efficiency function and superior longevity, you’ll get access to all these benefits when you make the switch from gas to electric:

  • No threat of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • High efficiency function that’s cost-efficient
  • More affordable than comparable-sized gas models
  • Better longevity and easier maintenance

With an electric furnace, you’re getting the same level of heat you expect from a gas furnace, with even more benefits to love. From lower maintenance demands to improved cost-efficiency, it won’t take you long to appreciate these conveniences in your home.

Schedule a Consultation

Wondering if an electric furnace can help you save money each month on your heating costs? Contact the team at ASP and chat with us about your current gas furnace or heat pump, and your energy costs. We’ll help you evaluate everything from the age of the unit, to its efficiency, to costs and more. Our mission is a simple one: help Duluth, MN homeowners stay warm at the most affordable cost.

Stay Warm This Winter

Ready to explore the benefits of a high efficiency electric furnace? Contact the experts at ASP today by calling  218-464-9965. We’ll help you understand the benefits of an electric furnace installation and install one that’s right for your home.