Duluth, MN winters can get cold and when the temperatures drop below zero, your plumbing is at risk. Especially in older homes, exposed or uninsulated pipes can freeze, causing the water inside of them to expand. The result is a burst pipe and a problem no homeowner wants to deal with. It’s why ASP is on-call to help administer frozen pipe repair.
We not only thaw frozen pipes in the dead of winter, we can help you take the right approach to insulating and protecting your plumbing from future freezes and the headaches that come with them.

Signs of Frozen Pipes

If you turn on the water in the middle of winter and only a trickle comes out, there’s likely a freeze somewhere in the line. Groaning and creaking from within your plumbing can also indicate that there’s a blockage caused by ice. If you can see pipes and they have frost on them, it’s a clear sign there’s freezing. And, if your pipes look distended or have ice coming out of the junction, it’s a sign there’s already a major problem. Call us right away for frozen pipe repair if you see any of these symptoms of frozen plumbing!

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

While it’s difficult to protect your pipes from a Duluth, MN winter if you have an older home, there are steps you can take to prevent freezing. Here are a few simple tips homeowners can take advantage of:

  • Leave your faucets open very slightly overnight to keep water moving
  • Cover exposed sections of plumbing with wrap-around insulation
  • Check exposed pipes periodically and take action if there’s evidence of frost
  • Use a hair dryer on low to gently defrost areas of plumbing with frost on them

For cabins and homes that are seasonal and not always occupied during winter, turn off the water main and empty the lines before closing up for the season. In spring, you won’t need to worry about frozen pipe repair!

Call for Frozen Pipe Repair

Frozen pipes can’t wait for a solution—when they burst, it’s a big problem that costs big bucks to fix. Duluth, MN residents need to call ASP right away at 218-724-4412 the moment they discover frozen pipes, so we can remedy the problem before it gets worse.