What Is Involved In The Furnace Tune-Up South Range WI

Furnace manufacturers recommend that only licensed technicians perform maintenance and inspections. Remember that furnace damages caused by poor maintenance are not covered by the warranty given by manufacturers. Therefore, it is important to contact Summit Mechanical for help. Does this mean that a warranty voids the need for maintenance? Certainly not. In fact, routine maintenance is encouraged but a highly qualified technician takes on this task. Some manufacturers have money back guarantee packages, so you can expect refunds for such repairs.

Many people know that it is important to perform annual tune-ups or after every season. So what exactly is involved in furnace tune-up? The services included in the tune-up vary from one contractor to another. However, you need to hire a heating and air service that observes the industry standard. Before you hire a contractor, ask them what they will include in the package. Here are a few things that you might expect in your furnace tuneup services South Range WI

  • Checking the vent system for blockages and leakages. They will check both internal and external connections to the furnace
  • Analyzing the combustion gas to ensure it meets the required specifications
  • Checking the blower access doors and tightening the seal
  • Checking the air intake grills for any blockages
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger for corrosion and rust
  • Check the burners to ensure they ignite properly and check for the flame sense
  • Check the drainage system for any leakage. This will include inspecting the horses, cleaning the condensate drain and the trap
  • Clean any debris from the blower needs
  • Check the filter for any debris and ensure free flow of air

In addition to the above furnace tune-up services, our experienced team of technicians at Summit Mechanical will ensure to perform gas pressure testing and temperature rise tests for optimality.