Geothermal heating and cooling systems are the most efficient way to heat your home or business today. Not only do they give you the highest efficiency of any HVAC system, but you get the added benefit to also use the same system for air conditioning, AND it can be used to produce the majority of your home’s hot water as a bonus!

How Geothermal heating works is piping is placed underground deep enough to where there is a consistent temperature in the earth. The earth contains heat energy, even in the winter, which is absorbed by the piping and transferred into the home by the Geothermal unit, which can then be transferred into radiant heating, or into forced air heating.

In the summer, the heat exchange is reversed, and it removes the heat from the house and replaces it back into the ground. There is no combustion or gas or oil or harmful exhaust to worry about. For every 1 unit of electricity used to pump the system, you can expect an average of 3-5 units of heat to be moved, equaling an efficiency of 300-500%!

Geothermal heating is a significant investment, with larger upfront costs, which can seem daunting to anyone weighing their options. But with the considerable Tax rebates, incentives, and very fair financing options, along with the highly increased efficiency experienced, you’ll find the payback will be faster than you might think. There is no better option for a homeowner looking for the longest lasting, most efficient HVAC system out there. And no one does Geothermal better than Summit Mechanical!

We also service many systems each year with annual tune-ups to ensure optimum performance and reliability year after year. Call us for your geothermal service needs! 218-728-9965

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We are a licensed ClimateMaster dealer. ClimateMaster boasts top-of-the-line units in efficiency and dependability. Ask us and find out more about this quality brand!


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