Gas Piping Services in Duluth, MN

Grills Services

  • Gas Piping installations – Summit is licensed and certified.
  • New or remodel gas piping services in your home or building.
  • Gas Piping Installation for BBQ grills, outdoor gas lanterns and more.
  • Permanent gas hookups for your outdoor appliances – no more hassling with empty tanks!
  • Gas Piping leak detection and emergency repair services. If you smell gas odor and suspect a leak, shut down all gas appliances, evacuate the area and call (218) 464-9965 immediately! Gas leaks are explosive and dangerous and can cause serious injuries, fatalities or property damage. Do not smoke or use anything with open flame or which may cause sparks in the vicinity where a gas smell is detected. 

Contact us today for Gas Piping Services in Duluth, Hermantown and Two Harbors, MN and Surrounding Areas.