Have Your Furnace Checked for Fall

As the mercury starts to drop and it becomes increasingly clear that winter is just around the corner, you’ll want to take the necessary precautions to prepare your property for the colder weather. Checking the insulation on doors and windows and draining gas-powered summer yard tools is a great start, but your checklist should also include scheduling an inspection along with any necessary professional furnace maintenance in Duluth, MN. You want to be sure your heating system will be able to answer the call when it’s needed the most, and regular maintenance is key.

Get a safety inspection

Your top priority when preparing your furnace for the cold in Duluth, MN is the safety and comfort of your household. Your heating system is complex, and a professional technician can ensure all connections are flowing safely and efficiently. Your technician will check for any gas leaks if you have a gas system, including weak spots that could soon result in one. They’ll also check for carbon monoxide, which could obviously indicate a problem with your furnace. Finally, they’ll also perform a visual inspection of the area to make sure there aren’t any combustibles anywhere nearby, as this is a dangerous situation when your furnace uses a flame for heating.

Check efficiency

Running a heating or cooling system is an expensive proposition. Utility bills can be a big drain on your household budget, so you want to make sure you’re keeping them as low as possible. Keeping a firm control over the thermostat is one approach, but another way to lower your bills is to verify that your furnace is operating at peak efficiency.

A furnace that doesn’t run at the height of its powers is a furnace that’s wasting energy to catch up as it chugs along. Furnace maintenance in Duluth, MN will include inspecting all aspects of the system to ensure it’s not bogged down by inefficiency. This can include checking the airflow, the blower motor and the cleanliness of the entire system.

Ensure proper operation

During furnace maintenance in Duluth, MN, your HVAC technician will also take the time to make sure it’s mechanically consistent and working properly. They’ll check to guarantee it’s properly heating the air and make sure there are no issues with components like the pilot light or the hot surface igniter. Furthermore, they’ll look at your ductwork, which can also play a key role in the aforementioned efficiency of the system. Leaky ducts will result in the loss of heated air within the attic, crawl spaces and walls, which is a waste of energy and a sure sign your system won’t work properly.

When you work with the team at ASP, you can feel confident knowing your entire heating system is ready to roll for the cold winter months. We work hard to keep your family comfortable by handling issues with household systems ranging from heating to plumbing. If you have any home maintenance needs, we hope you’ll call us today and let us get to work for you!