Heat Pump Replacement in Duluth, Hermantown, Two Harbors, MN and Surrounding Areas

Heat Pump Replacement

A heat pump is a great investment for Duluth, MN residents who want more from their heating and cooling system. Heat pumps provide the warmth and comfort you demand during the frigid Northern winters, and can pump out excess heat during the summer to keep you cool. At ASP, we help local-area homeowners explore the benefits of a heat pump replacement for their traditional furnace or central AC unit.

Replace Your Old Unit

Already have a heat pump that’s getting on in years? Want to explore a most cost-efficient solution to your aging furnace? We’ve been replacing heat pumps in homes throughout Duluth, MN for the past 20 years, giving us the experience and familiarity with these systems to get one up and running for your home.
We handle the entire replacement process, from start to finish. That includes removing your old heat pump or traditional furnace, installing the new heat pump replacement, connecting everything, calibration and testing. Our team will make sure your heat pump works as-expected, with all the efficiency you expect from a new unit.

Heat Pump Expertise

Whether you need an air source heat pump, a ductless mini split system or a geothermal heat pump, we work with them all. We know the best ways for replacing heat pumps, regardless of the unit or your home’s existing HVAC infrastructure. We can help you identify the right system—then, we’ll facilitate the complete replacement of your old system, to ensure everything works perfectly and your Duluth, MN home is comfortable.

Schedule Heat Pump Replacement

If you’re ready to bring home the benefits of a modern heat pump replacement—whether for your old heat pump or an aging furnace—ASP is ready to handle the job. Contact us today at 218-724-4412 to talk with a service technician or to schedule heat pump replacement service.

Heat Pump Replacement in Duluth, Two Harbors, Hermantown, Esko, Proctor, Cloquet, Silver Bay, Knife River, Saginaw, Superior, WI, Carlton, MN and Surrounding Areas