Heat Pump Tune-Ups
in Duluth, MN

A heat pump is a great HVAC installation for Duluth, MN homeowners—one that’ll keep them cool in the summer and warm all winter long. But only if it’s maintained properly and given an annual tune-up. To schedule a heat pump tune-up and ensure the lasting performance that comes with it, contact ASP. We’re available for startup services and will provide a full complement of services to ensure performance for the season ahead.

Mechanical Tune-Ups

Like all mechanical HVAC units, your heat pump benefits from routine service. A heat pump tune-up addresses all the critical components that make it function and ensures they’re working efficiently. Moreover, it’s an opportunity for our technicians to make adjustments, replace worn parts and gauge the overall performance of your machine. Here’s a look at what’s all included in a mechanical tune-up:

  • Check defrost controls
  • Check for refrigerant leaks and pressure
  • Clean condenser coil and condensate drain
  • Inspect auxiliary heaters
  • Inspect filtration system
  • Lubricate moving parts (as needed)
  • Measure air temperature
  • Test condensate pump

Full Electrical Inspections

Electrical problems are some of the first to arise in an under-maintained heat pump. It’s why we pay special consideration to your heat pump by inspecting electrical components during a tune-up. From on-off switching to measuring and monitoring of electrical output while it cycles, we make sure there’s nothing lurking under the surface that might cause a

  • failure in the months to come.
  • Measure amperage and voltage
  • Test startup and shutdown
  • Tighten electrical connections

Maintain a Working Heat Pump

ASP is the authority on heat pumps in Duluth, MN and we’re ready to service yours. Call us today at  218-464-9965 for a heat pump tune-up and the complete mechanical and electrical inspections that come with it. We’ll make sure that when the season gets too much to bear, your heat pump will work flawlessly to provide you comfort.