Heating Services in Duluth, MN

Winters in our northern climate are typically colder than anywhere else in our country, and having heating service to ensure a good reliable and efficient heating system in our homes is not only a benefit but an absolute necessity. ASP performs a wide range of heating service, both residential and commercial, including planning, installing, repair, replacement, and heating service of natural gas, propane, or electric furnaces and boilers.

Heating Service

Our heating service also includes:

  • Free estimates for furnace or boiler replacements.
  • Solutions to get rid of cold or hot spots in your home or business.
  • Fuel oil to electric or gas conversions.
  • Gas to off peak or dual fuel electric conversions.
  • Integrating electric boilers or plenum heaters to existing gas or fuel oil heating systems to help customers take advantage of off peak or dual fuel heating electric rates.
  • Steffes electric storage units for forced air or hydronic systems.
  • Servicing air source heat pumps and air conditioning systems.
  • Complete sheet metal shop with quality duct and fitting fabrication for custom fit.
  • A Preferred Customer Program in which members are entitled to many benefits such as discounted repairs and replacements, no overtime charges Monday-Saturday excluding holidays, annual heating service tune-ups on heating systems to ensure optimum efficiency and sustained reliability.

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