Heating Installation Services Hermantown

Having peace of mind when it comes to your heating and air conditioning is a goal of Summit Mechanical Service. One of our company’s main goal is to have satisfied customers. Another goal for our company is to have customers who are satisfied with our company. Building trust through quality service and affordable prices is our way of reaching our customers. Our company offers affordable installation and repairs on our customer’s HVAC units. Providing the best quality units since 2004 has given our company a great reputation.


Our company believes that your furnace is the heart of your system. Because of this we will ensure your equipment is running to your satisfaction. Our company offers quality work whether you need furnace repairs, tune-ups, or a complete furnace installation. Our technicians are highly qualified and knowledgeable on the equipment. Our company services all brands of furnaces. We also tailor the equipment to meet your home’s needs. We will custom fit your existing duct work to the new equipment. With each new install, we also upgrade the flue and gas lines for your furnace. The filters we install are of a common size; this provides for ease on the customer. The customer can replace them without having a difficult time.

 Air Conditioning

Our company also repairs and service all brands of air conditioners. Summers can be extremely hot, and this can cause more than just an inconvenience. Our highly qualified technicians can find the problems associated with your system. Determining the proper air conditioner for your home can be difficult. Allow us to help you find the correct size, model, and efficiency needed for your home. We will customize a package based on the size and qualifications of your home.

Allow us the opportunity to provide quality service to you on your home’s heating and air conditions needs.