Summit Heating And Cooling Professional Services: The Best in The Business

The Winter season is just around the corner and we in the Northland understand just how cold it can get. This is a time that coincides with holidays of Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations and  we need to get our heating in order. We wouldn’t want an embarrassing situation where your guests have come to visit and they are freezing cold in your house. The heating services you need are only a call away.

Summit Services

Summit Heating, Cooling and Professional Services is the heating repair services Superior WI relies upon to obtain their heating equipment. We have been in business for over 15 years and we have expanded both in numbers and in technical knowledge. We have a variety of heating appliances like furnaces, radiant heating, and air source heat pumps, among others. Our products are sourced from Daikin manufacturers, the leading HVAC company worldwide. You get a 12-year warranty on the parts, labor, and even replacement. You can find peace of mind that you are getting value for your money.

Why you need Heating Repair

  1. Enhance efficiency. The Daikin Furnace that we sell is 96% AFUE and this means that it converts 96% of the fuel to energy. That is pretty efficient. However, if you notice you are getting lower output and higher electricity bills, call us to repair the furnace.
  2. To avoid replacement, regular checks will help in early detection of any issues with your furnace. This can be repaired and save you the money you would have spent on a replacement. We charge a small fee for the Tune-up services we provide which is done yearly. The savings and benefits you get are tremendous.

Call us today on (218) 464-9965 in the Twin Ports and surrounding areas. We offer prompt solutions and emergency services.