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Your heating system is essential to the overall comfort and safety of your home. Winters in the Northland can see extremely cold temps; having a properly working heating system isn’t only about comfort, but safety is just as important. There are many components involved in a home heating system that may need maintenance or repairs to ensure the system is operating efficiently and safely. There are new heating upgrades available today that may increase your comfort, lower heating bills and will provide peace of mind with the excellent warranty’s available and knowing that Summit Professional plumbing and heating will be there to back you up in case of emergency.

There are multiple ways to provide heating to your home and since 2000 Summit has worked with homeowners in Duluth and surrounding areas, Two Harbors and the North Shore areas on finding the best solution based on budget, level of comfort and energy resources available. Our team of heating professionals have extensive experience and training in all types of heating systems and will assist you in choosing a new system, replacement options, zoning, and indoor air quality concerns.


The forced air furnace is the traditional type which air is heated up by passing through a heat exchange coil and then is distributed through ducting into each room. Some homes have inadequate or unbalanced duct work leaving areas of the home too cool or too warm, or the furnace is undersized or oversized causing stress on the equipment that may lead to premature failure. Summit has trained professionals to assist you with solutions on your forced air furnace heating system.

Boilers/Hydronic heating:

The hot water boiler is another traditional heating system in which hot water is heated up by passing through a heat exchange coil and then distributed through piping in the floor, baseboard registers on the wall or radiators in older homes. If you are experiencing cold spots, high fuel bills or other issues with your hot water boiler system, do not hesitate to call us for Prompt service and Prompt solutions.

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