Mini-Split Installation

Ready to reap the benefits of zone-controlled heating and cooling? ASP will introduce you to a mini split installation that brings you the power of cooling control, without the need for ductwork! We help homeowners bring the benefits of climate control to their basements, second-floor master suites, workshops, garages and anywhere else that needs a quick and convenient cooling solution.

What is a Ductless Mini Split System?

A ductless mini split system is a cooling system that’s installed anywhere in your home, independent of ductwork. The system mounts to the wall and is vented outdoors, wherever you need an instant solution to cooling. It works by recirculating the air in your home through evaporator coils, producing cool air on-demand.

These systems are highly efficient and extremely versatile. They come with a low cost of ownership and low maintenance requirements, and bring you great convenience and comfort with the press of a button.

Mini Split Installation

If you’re interested in bringing a ductless mini split system into your home, consult with one of our experienced heating and cooling experts. We can help you identify areas that would benefit from a ductless system, and coordinate the complete installation to ensure maximum cooling efficiency. From ideal unit placement to proper venting, we’ll get you acclimated with the benefits of a mini split system, so you can start enjoying your spaces comfortably.

  • Branch boxes
  • Condensate pumps
  • Controls
  • Lines and drain tubing
  • Wall mount
  • Whip and disconnect box

Get Comfort, On-Demand

Don’t sweat summertime temperatures here in Duluth, MN! Instead, bring comfort into your home with a mini split installation. You’ll get the cool air you need to be comfortable, even if your space isn’t plumbed for HVAC. Contact ASP today at 218-724-4412 to learn more about ductless systems and how to make them part of your home—central to your comfort.