Mini Splits

Mini split systems work largely the same as central air, except for one major difference. While “central air” is a term used to describe air conditioning throughout the entire home, mini “split systems” are used primarily for cooling (and sometimes auxiliary heating) singular areas, such as one room. Mini Splits can be used either as supplementary OR primary sources of cooling.

Difference Between Central Air & Mini-Splits

Like central air, there is a condenser that sits outside the home. The major difference is the inside unit. Instead of a large A-Coil sitting inside of a central fan system, there is a “head” unit that is installed on the wall. This head unit has a “mini A-Coil” inside of it, doing the same work as a normal A-Coil, but for one singular area. This is where the term “mini” in mini split comes from. Mini split systems are ideal for finished homes that do not have to vent in them.

Adding More Units in the Home

Another great purpose is for homeowners who wish to put an addition to their home. Since no venting is required in a mini split system, the new addition will not need more venting added. A nice feature of the mini split system is that multiple heads can be added throughout the home and attached to the one outside condenser (as long as it is large enough to handle more square feet of area inside the home).

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