Nine Ways to Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer

Staying cool and comfortable throughout the summer months is a must. However, running your residential AC in Duluth, MN all day long can get pretty expensive. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to lower the temperature inside without raising your energy bill in the process. Continue reading to learn some of our top tricks to stay cool this summer:

  • Dehumidify: Reducing the indoor humidity is an easy way to make your house more comfortable during the dog days of summer. This can be achieved by setting up portable dehumidifiers. That said, if your home is incredibly humid, it might be worth investing in a whole-home dehumidifier.
  • Reduce sunlight: Natural light filling your home makes your living space feel light and airy. However, all of that direct sunlight also raises the temperature inside. Draw your curtains or close your blinds in the middle of the day to reduce the amount of sunlight, thus lowering the temperature.
  • Turn off the lights: Although it’s not much, incandescent lightbulbs do produce some heat. We recommend replacing those old bulbs with energy-efficient ones. If you can’t do that, at least turn the lights off when you’re not using them.
  • Close doors: If your home is cooler than the outdoor temperature, be sure to keep the doors closed as much as you can. Letting outside air in will raise the interior temperature, leaving you feeling hot and uncomfortable.
  • Grill out: With the oven or stove on, the kitchen can easily be the hottest room in your home. Heat from the kitchen doesn’t just stay there, either—it spreads throughout the house, raising the temperature in the process. Stop cooking inside and head out back for a barbecue dinner!
  • Utilize ceiling fans: A ceiling fan is your best friend in combating hot summer temperatures. They’re really effective at cooling large spaces, and they’re much more efficient than residential AC in Duluth, MN. Be sure to set your fan blades to rotate counter-clockwise to move warm air toward the ceiling and push cool air downwards.
  • Set up box fans: In addition to running your ceiling fan throughout the day, you should also place box fans in your windows. Point the fan out the window to push hot air outside.
  • Create a cross breeze: Open windows at both ends of your home to create a gentle cross breeze. You’ll be amazed at how much cooler your house feels with the cross breeze going, especially if you’re also running a ceiling fan.
  • Let the night air in: Be sure to open your bedroom windows at night before you climb in bed. Refreshing nighttime air will cool your bedroom, keeping you nice and comfortable throughout the night.

If you’ve tried all of the tips above and your home still isn’t cool enough, feel free to turn on the AC. Just be sure that our team at ASP has tuned it up first! A routine maintenance call for your residential AC in Duluth, MN can save you big bucks throughout the season on your cooling bills.