Plumbing Remodels/Repipes in Duluth, Hermantown, and Two Harbors, MN

ASP has over 50 years of experience with helping customers with their plumbing needs on their remodel or retrofit projects. We can work with you on layouts and different options of bathroom tubs/showers, faucets, toilets, kitchens etc. for simple basement bathroom remodels to new additions to a home.

Many of the existing homes still have the galvanized water piping for their domestic hot and cold-water services that restrict flow and cause problems for tub/shower valves and faucets. Summit has been installing the new PEX (cross linked polyethylene tubing) type water service piping to replace the existing galvanized water services. PEX tubing carries a 25 years warranty.

Many of the existing drain and building sewer lines were installed in cast iron which over time will start to develop holes and begin to leak. Many of the over the counter drain unclog treatments can cause premature degeneration in drain lines. If you have drain lines that are beginning to leak, we offer full service drain replacement services.

Drum style traps on bathtubs were common years ago and often times restrict flow and are difficult to access. Call us today for a quote on replacing with modern style p-trap that will allow better flow and servicing.


If your existing plumbing fixtures are in need of updating or are beginning to leak, we have experienced plumbing techs on staff to change-out or install new toilets, sinks, faucets, laundry tubs, tub/showers units, exterior hose bibs. There are many different styles and models available today so call ASP today for information or a quote on replacing or upgrading your plumbing fixtures:

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