Tired of stepping out of a hot shower onto ice-cold flooring in the middle of winter? Want to bring a new level of comfort to your kitchen—one you can feel with every footfall? ASP brings Duluth, MN homeowners the best in radiant floor heat service. We bring you the comfort, convenient and quality of life improvements that come from a perfectly installed radiant floor.

What is Radiant Floor Heating?

Radiant flooring is a type of heated flooring installation that warms the floor under your feet. This is done via one of two methods: electric or hydronic (water) heating. The heating element is laid under your flooring material via a grid configuration—then, flooring material is laid atop it. When active, the radiant heating application heats up under the floor, causing heat to rise (radiate) and warm the surface. Your floors will feel comfortably warm to the touch!

Why Choose Radiant Floor Heat Service

If you’ve ever stepped out of a hot shower onto a cold floor, you can immediately appreciate the benefits of radiant floor heating! Radiant floor heating is all about comfort. Duluth, MN winters are cold and even with great insulation and the thermostat cranked up, it can still get cold inside your house. Radiant flooring can keep your feet cozy and warm in your most-visited rooms, including bathrooms, the kitchen and even hallways.

Radiant floor heating is also great for finished garages and workshops, as well as basement areas. These are spaces that might not benefit from the same HVAC or insulation as the rest of the home. Radiant flooring can make them more comfortable (and bearable) during the winter months.

Experience Wintertime Comfort

Don’t endure another Duluth, MN winter without warm under your feet! Contact ASP today for radiant floor heat service and to learn more about how you can benefit from heating flooring in your home. Reach us today at 218-724-4412.