Technicians: Chris Stoffel & Jack Nelson9/08/2016 – I spoke with LaRonna this morning and she said the technicians were on time and very punctual and that they were wonderful. They explained the installation process in a clear and concise manner and she was extremely pleased as how professional and courteous the technicians were and is going to recommend “Summit” to her family and friends and that they were great and she’s over-all pleased with “Summit” **Happy Call**

LaRonna Briddell

Spoke with Mary and she said that they did a great job and cleaned up after themselves really well and was polite and professional and would recommend “Summit to her friends and family and they were happy about the install.  **Happy Call**

Jamon Bruckelmyer & Casey Moen

Dear Summit guys,

I felt we needed to let you know what a great job you did. Everyone we dealt with was great. Your customer service was great, your follow-up was appreciated. Thank you for going out of your way and dropping off the new carbon mono tester. You didn’t have to do that, but you took the extra step and did. Thank you for being considerate in our home and covering the carpet too. We are extremely satisfied.

Bob S. and Leann

Summit Mechanical is top on our list for excellent service and we rated you on Angies List that way. We give you high praise too everyone we talk to about our geothermal system.

P.S. After almost 40 years in our home we are enjoying a/c!!

Al & Linda M.

Thank you for another excellent job by Summit. Jay does great work!

Mary L.

I hope you guys are doing well this year. I have a couple of items I’d like to share. First, I think a number of things were done right with the house including the geothermal unit. With the house facing south, utilizing passive solar, the building envelope being tight, the insulation being done well, and the geothermal unit, my highest electric bill for heating from January, February, or March was $48 a month. I watched the thermostat to see what stage the geothermal unit was running at on those -21 degree mornings and the unit never came off stage I. I was and am impressed. Especially considering I am heating 3776 square feet. I like the system.

I did want to make you aware of one item. I have had three times now when the HRV unit wouldn’t shut off because of a “sticky” timer in the master bathroom. I’m hoping I can get it replaced under warranty but wanted to touch base with you.

Like I said, the house being heated with geothermal is the way to go. I believe you guys got the calculations right. I’m going to wait to see the final numbers at the end of the year but the coldest months are a memory and the unit worked very well. Kudos.

Chad F.

As I mentioned yesterday the geothermal is working great. It’s nice to not worry about baseboard electric heaters and the woodstove.


Dear Jeff Aili, Thank you for responding so quickly so we could get our Energy Tax Credit. We were very happy with the work you did. We are saving a lot on our heating bill. You were right when you said we would save a lot.
We would be very happy to talk to anyone to let them know
our good experience with Summit and the savings the Geothermal has brought to us.

Bonnie E.

Our geothermal seems to be working fine in this heat. Please use us as a reference if you need one in the area …. I won’t dwell on the one problem with the box, but rather the fantastic service you guys gave us through it all.

Pat M.

Thank you so much for arranging and installing this for us!! Christmas came early this year!!
We love the hot water in seconds!! It is just PERFECT!

Julie and Kevin Perlinger

08/04/2016 – Spoke with Mary and she said that they did a great job and cleaned up after themselves really well and was polite and professional and would recommend “Summit to her friends and family,” and they were happy about the install.

Happy Customer

Technicians: Matt Muonio & Alex Granger
8/10/2016 – Spoke with Brad today and he said that the techs were phenomenal with their work performed at his rental location and that they did an awesome job and everything was neat and orderly and cleaned up after themselves and would highly recommend “Summit” for his associates, friends and family. **Happy Call**

-Brad Theien – (Goodman AC Installation)

Phenomenal Work Performance

Technicians: Jared Nelson
8/10/2016 – Had the chance to speak with Linda this morning and she said that Jared did a wonderful job and was prompt, courteous and polite and she highly recommend’s “Summit” to her associates, friends and family. He cleaned up after himself quite well and explained the process in a clear and concise manner and answered any questions she had and she was very satisfied with his performance installing the water heater. **Happy Call**

-Linda Hansen – (A.O. Smith Water Heater Installation)

Wonderful Job by Jared

Technicians: Chris Stoffel & Alex Granger
8/16/2016 – I had the opportunity to speak with Rick this morning and he stated that everything went great and the technicians were awesome and on time for the installation. They were professional and courteous and above all…respectful. They cleaned up after themselves and would highly recommend “Summit” to his friends/family. **Happy Call**

-Rick Fournier – (Daikin Furnace Replacement Installation)

Technicians Were Awesome

Technicians: Matt Muonio & Chris Stoffel & Alex Granger
9/08/2016 – I had the opportunity of speaking with Paula Reed and she was absolutely thrilled with the entire installation process and stated that the technicians were absolutely fabulous, courteous, polite and professional and in addition, stated that they were great. She said that “Summit” scored a 10 on the satisfaction scale and is going to conduct a positive review on our website via Google+ and it was a very nice conversation and she’s happy. **Happy Call**

-Mark & Paula Reed – (Daikin Furnace/Goodman AC Installation)

Technicians were absolutely Professional

Technicians: Chris Stoffel & Alex Granger
8/25/2016 – Had the honor of speaking with Blake this afternoon and he stated that the install team showed up on time and that they were very professional, courteous and respectful. They cleaned up after themselves quite well and he’s thoroughly pleased with “Summits” service and would highly recommend “Summit” on a 1-10 scale at a 10 for his friends and family and it was a very nice call. **Happy Call**

-Blake Johnston – (Daikin Furnace Installation)

Professional, Courteous and Respectful