Professional Septic Pumping, Septic Tank Installation and Water Mains.

Most people don’t think about or want to think about their septic system and are not aware of the problems that can occur if a septic system is never pumped. There are items you may flush or put down the sink drain that may harm your system. Some chemicals you may think will help your system run smoothly can actually irritate the natural balance of the system.

Save yourself thousands of dollars in the future by taking care and servicing your septic system today.

ASP Duluth Septic has a high capacity pump trunk and all waste is disposed of at a licensed waste water facility.

Call us at 218-206-8445 for estimates of any of the following services offered through ASP Duluth Septic

  • Septic Tank pumping and filter cleaning

ASP Septic will pump both tanks, clean the filter, and check the baffles with each service call. Set up to have your system maintained every 3 years.

  • Holding Tank pumping
  • Cover Riser Installment : Call for a free estimate
  • Pump and Float Replacement : Call for a free estimate


ASP also offers excavating services for Sewer and Water Mains.

  • Water Main Repair

  • Water Main Replacement

  • Sewer Repair and installation

  • Sewer Replacements

  • Catch Basins

  • Fire Hydrants

  • Specialty Excavation Work

  • and more


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Sump pump/sewage ejection pumps:

ASP also offers full service sump pump/basin installs and replacements, sewage ejection pump installs and replacements, battery back-up sumps and sump high water level alert sensors to ensure your peace of mind.