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Summit Mechanical Services have been the go to service provider in the area for all your heating and cooling requirements and necessities for 16 years. We have built a proud reputation which we uphold with firm beliefs and service that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Our customers are guaranteed service that will put a smile on their faces. It is our goal to continue to improve and develop our techniques in line with changes in the field, in order to service our customers in the best way we know how.

Why Choose Us

Summit Mechanical Services are the only choice for  heating and cooling expertise in the area. If you want the best, hire the best. We are the best. We have the knowledge needed to quickly and efficiently diagnose a problem and offer the best possible solution to remedy the situation. We strive to improve the quality of life and air for all of our customers and to do so with as little discomfort and cost to our customers as possible. Our customers deserve the best service we have to offer.


We have all experienced that sinking feeling. You rush home out of the frosty night air, flick the switch on your heating system and instead of that burst of warm air you are expecting to defrost your frostbitten appendages, you are greeted with a loud clanking sound or a cloud of air that does not measure up to your expectations.

A heating system can be such a pleasure to own if it is working the way we intend it to. If however, you have neglected to maintain the system and have it regularly cleaned, you could be disappointed and left out in the cold so to speak. A heating system is an investment and a costly one at that, but it is also a lifetime commitment. You want your money to work for you, add value to your home and your life and last as long as it possibly can. Maintaining your system is key to all that is enjoyable and pleasant about a heating system.

At Summit Mechanical Services, we offer a full range of services relating to heating systems and their associated parts and equipment.

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Installations
  • Services and tune- ups
  • Replacements

Living in the WI area, you are in luck. Summit Mechanical Services are the premium heating services superior WI and are there to handle all your heating installations or repairs and of course those all important maintenance procedures. Give one of our friendly and competent staff a call today and we will have an experienced and skillful technician on your doorstep in no time at all. Our technicians are capable of evaluating a situation, offering the suitable course of actions, and carrying the work out to your satisfaction.

Licensed and insured contractors who are able to service the residential and commercial sector.

Call Summit Mechanical Services today and take advantage of our superiority in the trade. Summit Mechanical Services  (218) 464-9965.