It’s well known how expensive your HVAC equipment can be on your utility bills. It isn’t as well-known how a regular annual tune-up and inspection can save you money both in the short AND the long term.

Like any machine, take your car for instance, maintenance is paramount to keeping your system in the best possible operating condition. You wouldn’t go years without changing the oil in your car – and heating and cooling units are no different.

While it’s true that your HVAC system certainly can operate without regular yearly maintenance, would you really want to lose your operating efficiency AND increase your risk for needed repair? By keeping regular maintenance for your system, you are ensuring that it is running at its best possible efficiency – saving you money on your utilities. You are also ensuring the longest possible lifespan for your HVAC system – saving you money on repairs or replacement.

Having your tune up done with Summit ensures that you are getting a thorough cleaning, tune up, and complete inspection of your heating or cooling unit. Our trained and professional technicians spend an average of 75-90 minutes performing tune ups for furnaces, boilers, geothermal, and air conditioning units, so you know you’re getting a real tune up service, not just some quick look-over like many other places do. Plus, having your annual tune up done with us makes you a Preferred Customer for a year, meaning you get discounted repairs; and if you have an after-hours emergency (i.e. if your furnace breaks down and you have no heat in the winter) there is no overtime fee for repair work (excluding Sundays and Holidays)! Also, make sure to check out our Current Promotions, as we are always offering something to stay in front of the competition.