What type of AC is right for my family?

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“I’m tired, daddy”, my son tells me after a long day in the sun playing outside. It’s time for bed and even though he’s sweating and exhausted he’s urging me to read him a story. I sit beside him on the bed with Goodnight Moon at the ready. But, my back is sweating against the sheets and headboard. I read him the story, give him a kiss, and switch off the light. As I walk down the hall to the master bedroom I tell myself, that is the last night we’re dealing with this heat.

When it’s time to say goodbye

Whether your AC is on the fritz or just not performing like it used to, it gets frustrating. Dealing with malfunctions over and over, calling for repairs, and paying for them gets old. If your AC is approaching the ten year point, it’s time to get an air conditioning installation in Two Harbors, MN from Summit Mechanical Service.

Do your research

The first thing you’ll want to do when replacing your old AC is figure out what type you want next. The market has evolved heavily over the last decade. Air conditioner are more efficient than ever before. More models address the ever-growing concerns for allergies with air purification enhancements. And two main types of ACs dominate the market. Instead of debating brands and efficiency ratings, use this post to decide between these two types of air conditioners: split air and forced air.

Split air or ductless

Split ACs are quickly rising in popularity, and for good reason. They are highly efficient and offer precision control over the temperature. You install one in each room or zone of the house and control it with a remote. The cooling is immediate and you will spend even less on energy by only having to operate them in the rooms you’re using. You’ll pay more upfront for these units but installation is quick. If you don’t have ductwork, they could be a more affordable option.

Forced air or central

Forced air systems have one central compressor and fan working to move cool air around the house. Most American families have central air because they are very effective at getting cool air circulated around the home. If you already have ductwork in your home, these are more affordable to install. They are also a better choice in terms of style, as ductless systems are installed right on the wall in each room and can clash with furniture and decor.
Call us to get a free estimate and we’ll help you find the best deals on reputable brands. Not only that, but we’ll leverage the top manufacturer’s rebates available to help you get the best model for your home on your budget. We’ll install it with care and stand behind our work with a labor warranty.

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