What is Geothermal?What is Geothermal?


What is Geothermal??

It is a simple technology that uses the earth’s renewable heat energy to provide high-efficiency heating and cooling. In winter the system draws heat from the ground and transfers it to your home… In summer it extracts heat from your home and transfers it to the ground. You need not be a rocket scientist to understand and appreciate the technology behind geothermal heating & cooling. It employs basic plumbing equipment: Pipes, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, fans, and compressors. Routine maintenance consists of only changing the air filters… No furnace or chimney to clean! For more information on geothermal visit this link: MN2020.org

Can Geothermal also be used to heat my domestic water?
Using what is called a desuperheater, geothermal systems turn waste heat to the task of heating hot water. During the summer, when the system is in cooling mode, your hot water is produced free as a byproduct of the thermal process. In winter, with the heating mode, the desuperheater heats a portion of your hot water.

Desuperheaters are standard on some units, optional on others. Stand-alone systems that will heat water all year round can be purchased.

Canadian GeoExchange Coalition Residential Geothermal Buyers Guide 2009

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