Which Boilers Are the Most Efficient?

If you own a large home with multiple showers, sinks and a dishwasher to boot, you may want to consider upgrading your boiler. Traditional boilers may lack the bandwidth necessary to support larger homes, can burn out quickly or may cost more to run.
High-efficiency boilers like the Navien NCB-E and NFC are a must-have to keep hot water pumping throughout your Duluth, MN house. They also keep your home heated even in the chill of winter.

Navien NCB-E

The Navien NCB-E boiler is a highly efficient heater that takes up less space while delivering high-quality results. The condensing combination Navien NCB-E boiler has a warranty of up to 10 years, ensuring your home has access to heat and hot water over years of use.
Simple to use, the Navien NCB-E is outfitted with a modern, simplistic control panel. The boiler is environmentally friendly and uses less energy to power more space. Because the NCB-E features a cooler exhaust, it does not rely on vents or pipes to dissipate heat and prevents dangerous overheating.
Navien also has great customer support available to its customers in the case of an emergency or maintenance issue. Preventative maintenance on this and other boilers is recommended at least once yearly. This helps keep your home warm, especially during the winter months when warmth and hot water are a must.

Navien NFC

With the Navien NFC, you are able to run multiple water sources on high heat at once in your home without losing functionality or warmth. This is because of the condensing capabilities of the boiler—it does not require a traditional tank with vents and pipes to perform.
Also an environmentally-friendly choice, the Navien NFC keeps your energy usage to a minimum. It can even help keep your energy bills inexpensive.
The Navien NFC is high efficiency, meaning that almost all converted energy is used, rather than lost in the generative process. Old boilers or ones that have a few years of use behind them cannot compete with this high level of efficiency.

Contact your local purveyor for selection and installation

The Navien NFC as well as the NCB-E are great choices for large homes and homeowners in Duluth, MN who are looking to get the most bang for their buck. Because they are environmentally friendly and highly efficient, homeowners can sleep well at night knowing they are doing their part for the planet as well as keeping their family’s budget top of mind.
If your home boiler has too much or too little capacity, it may lead to short cycling or performance problems. This means your boiler is either working too hard or it shuts on and off frequently. Work with a local purveyor of Navien products when purchasing a new boiler for your home to ensure the best fit.
To learn more about why Navien NCB-E and NFC are so efficient, consult with your local Duluth, MN experts at ASP. Our professionals will work with you to discuss your boiler options and find the best fit for you and your home.